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Video Pipe Inspection Services in Tulsa, OK

What’s the secret to our history of success as plumbers serving Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area? There are many, none of which are that secret: we prize honesty, integrity, hard work, and putting the customer first with hassle-free service. One of the best tools we have is our … tools! We use the best technology available when on the job, such as when we do video pipe inspection services.

If you have clogged drains, concerns about your sewer line leaking, or think your water main needs to be replaced, Air Comfort Solutions will take care of it. Thanks to our video pipe inspection services, whether for sewer camera inspection or drain camera inspection, we’ll know what to do to provide the speediest and best work. We promise same-day service and guarantee your satisfaction.

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Video Camera Inspection

The equipment of video camera inspection consists of a miniature digital camera and LED light mounted on the end of a lengthy fiber-optic cable. One of our plumbers inserts this camera down into a drain or a clean-out, and the cable is long enough to reach from one end of the sewer line to the other. Using this snake camera, the plumber can examine the interior of the piping. The images are sent to a Hi-Def monitor, and using this information, the plumber can determine the best approach to the job and where to target it.

Video Pipe Inspection

There are multiple uses for video pipe inspection, and you won’t need to worry about the equipment itself: our plumbers will know when to put it to use. One common reason to use this device is for a drain camera inspection. Drain clogs are sometimes difficult to remove, and using the camera in the drain will tell us exactly what is creating the blockage. We can also use the camera to identify the location of leaks in pipes so we know precisely where to remove building material to repair the pipes.

Sewer Camera

The place where the video pipe inspection tools come in most handy is when dealing with sewer line repair and sewer line replacement. Nobody wants to dig down to a sewer line to examine what’s wrong with it. Instead of digging, we do a sewer camera inspection that allows us to see the interior of the full length of the pipeline, from the clean-out to where the pipe crosses from out of the property. Combined with trenchless technology, this makes sewer repair and replacement much faster and easier.

Sewer and Water Main Service in Tulsa, OK

We teach and train our plumbers for both our future and the future of the industry. We keep up with developments in technology so we always have the best tools to do the job. We understand that if we make the customer happy, all else will follow. When you turn to Air Comfort Solutions for sewer, drain, and water main services in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area, you’ll receive only the best plumbers with the finest tools—and that means the best and finest work possible.

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