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Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Tulsa, OK

An underground water leak for a home is a difficult problem to recognize and fix. No underground water leak is more troublesome than the slab leak, which requires special detection equipment to locate and other advanced tools to reach and fix. Only the best plumbers can do this job right, and you’ve found the best plumbers for the job already: Air Comfort Solutions.

We have years of experience, extensive training, and the most advanced plumbing equipment available. Over the years we have built up the fastest and most responsive plumbing team serving Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area. You can place your trust in us: we offer same-day service and guarantee your satisfaction. Schedule slab leak detection and slab leak repair with top plumbers today.

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The Slab Leak

What is a slab leak? The simple definition is that it’s any pipe leak located beneath hardscape or rock. When talking about residential plumbing, a slab leak refers to the pipes down in the granite foundation of a house. These leaks occur in both hot and cold water lines, but 80% of slab leaks occur in the hot water lines.

Leaks in these buried pipes can happen for a range of reasons: aging pipe material, chemicals in the freshwater, galvanized steel pipe corrosion, and abrasion against the granite. Once they start, they will create extensive water waste while remaining hidden. Eventually, they will begin to damage the foundation and threaten to send water into the house.

Slab Leak Detection

How do you know you have a slab leak in the first place? You can watch for a few signs: high water bills, the water heater turning on and off at unusual times, cracks in the floor of the basement, warm floors, and the appearance of mold and mildew in the basement. Use your water meter to check if any water is used during times when no one is home. This will tell you if there’s a leak somewhere.

When you believe you have a slab leak, the next step is to call our plumbers to arrange for slab leak detection. We have advanced equipment designed to find if slab leaks are occurring, and if they are, their location. We can narrow down where the leaks are happening so the necessary repairs will require as little excavation work as possible.

Slab Leak Repair

Repairing a slab leak can be done in a few different ways, and we’ll always use the one best suited to the situation: the one that will take the least amount of labor, time, and create the lowest amount of disruption to your property. Sometimes we can make slab leak repairs laterally; other times we may need to excavate. You can be assured that we’ll do the job right. We take pride in our honesty and integrity as a plumbing company—they are the cornerstones of our values.

Air Comfort Solutions provides hassle-free customer service no matter the job, and we promise a fast response to any plumbing work you need done in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area.

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