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Sewer Lines in Tulsa, OK

Handling work on the sewer line that connects to your house isn’t a job you can do yourself—and you probably never considered doing it yourself. That’s the right call. The sewer line is a necessary part of your household plumbing and it is buried in a trench where only professional plumbers can access it for sewer line repair, pipeline inspection, sewer line maintenance, or other important services.

The contractor serving Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area who can do the sewer line work you need is Air Comfort Solutions. We have qualified and highly trained plumbers who offer hassle-free customer service and use the best tools available for the job. We offer same-day service and have earned a reputation for our trustworthiness over our years of service to the community.

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Sewer Line Installation

The sewer line for a house is not the responsibility of the local utility company. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to arrange for installation of a new sewer line to connect from the house to the central sewer main in the street. Local homeowners know they can trust our plumbers to have the job done fast and right. It’s extremely important that a sewer line installation is done correctly the first time, or else it can mean serious trouble for the home not far in the future.

Sewer Line Replacement

An aging sewer line or one that has burst or cracked because of tree root infiltration must be replaced before it creates sewage back-up in the house, unhygienic conditions, and sewage leaks across the property. The moment you notice clogging in drains around the home, detect sewer odors from multiple drains, or discover foul-smelling soggy patches on the lawn, call us. We use trenchless technology for sewer line replacement. This does the job fast and leaves your property almost untouched.

Sewer Line Repair

Routine sewer line maintenance service, such as sewer line cleaning, can help you avoid repairs for the pipeline. But leaks and breaks can still occur. Thanks to pipeline inspections, our plumbers can determine if we can solve the situation with sewer repair rather than a replacement. We use lateral techniques such as sewer pipe lining to make repairs without needing to excavate the pipe. The sewer lining adheres to the inside of the pipe and seals up leaks and gaps. Our sewer pipe lining services make repairs a no-mess situation for your house.

Your Sewer and Drain Plumbing Professionals in Tulsa, OK

You can find all the sewer and drain services you need for your home at Air Comfort Solutions. Our experience with trenchless technology makes jobs like sewer lining and sewer line replacement fast and unobtrusive. Our advanced video pipe inspection equipment allows us to take care of sewer line maintenance and find out what service we need to perform if there is something wrong. We always focus on the customer and customer satisfaction, which is why we’re one of the most trusted plumbers offering service to Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area.

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