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Main Water Line Services in Tulsa, OK

Work on the water main line to a house is a major undertaking for any plumber. It’s an essential part of the plumbing system that’s buried in the ground. If you live in a house that needs a main water line installation, main water line maintenance, or any other work, call on the trustworthy plumbing contractor serving Tulsa, OK: Air Comfort Solutions.

With our many years of experience, our highly trained and certified plumbers, and our promise of same-day service, there’s no reason to call anyone else for water main plumbing. We have the best in trenchless technology and other tools to make any job fast and clean, leaving your property looking as it did before. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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Main Water Line Installation

Hooking up a house to a water line is an important job for a new home. This must be done right or the water line will create numerous problems in the future and may need an early replacement. An important factor to remember: the water main from where it crosses the property line to where it connects to the house is the homeowner’s responsibility, not the local utility company’s. For a main water line installation, it’s up to you to arrange for a plumbing contractor to put down the pipeline. We’re the reliable team to see this is done right.

Main Water Line Replacement

If you live in an older home, the water main might be made of galvanized steel or cast iron. These materials can last for around 50 years before starting to deteriorate—and that means right now is when you should consider a main water line replacement. Our plumbers use video pipe inspection equipment to analyze the pipe from inside, which can help us inform you if it’s time to replace the line.

Using trenchless technology, we won’t have to excavate along your property and dig extensively to do the job. We’ll have the water line replacement done fast and keep your property looking great.

Main Water Line Repair

Water line maintenance can help keep the pipe in good condition, but the line might need repair work at some point. To achieve excellent water line repair, we use the same advanced technology that we use for replacement. With miniaturized cameras, we will pinpoint the spot to repair. Then, trenchless technology allows us to approach the repair laterally, without having to dig to reach the pipe. We can use a liner to seal up gaps, breaks, and holes so your water main is restored to its original integrity.

Automatic Shut-Off Valve Installation in Tulsa, OK

Do you worry about flooding in your home while you’re away for a few days, weeks, or months? It’s a reasonable fear, but there is a solution: installing an automatic shut-off valve for the water main. The valve cuts off the flow of water into your home’s plumbing system when it detects a pressure drop indicating flooding from an appliance or burst pipe. Reach out to Air Comfort Solutions to schedule an automatic shut-off valve installation for your house in Tulsa, OK or the surrounding area. We promise you hassle-free customer service on any job.

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