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Drain and Sewer Cleaning in Tulsa, OK

It’s not a job you want to do yourself—and thankfully you don’t (and you shouldn’t) have to. It’s sewer cleaning, and when your house needs it, you want a top team to take care of the work. Air Comfort Solutions not only has the best trained plumbers on the job in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area, we also use advanced equipment like hydro-jetting for sewer cleaning.

We take on the smaller cleaning jobs as well: clogged toilet, blocked drain, and drain cleaning. We can fix all of them and leave your pipes in great condition. Our drain cleaning services are also excellent as regular maintenance to keep future clogs away. We promise same-day service and we live by a code of honesty and hard work. It’s how we’ve earned the trust of the community as a top plumbing contractor.

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Drain Cleaning

No household plumbing problem is more common or annoying than a clogged drain or clogged toilet. Sometimes you can use a simple tool like a plunger or a drain snake to get rid of the clog. But that’s as far as you should go. Chemical drain cleaners from the store are highly toxic, only eliminate part of the debris in the drain, and can cause damage to the interior of your pipes. No plumber recommends using these "drain cleaners."

We have the professional tools to clear any blocked drains in your house. Mechanical drain snakes and hydro-jetting equipment lets us not only remove clogs, but fully clean the drain walls so clogs have a hard time returning. We recommend you have drain cleaning done regularly to keep your plumbing in peak shape.

Clogged Drain

We want to caution you about the clogged drain and what it can mean for your home. A single clogged drain usually means an obstruction down the drainpipe: a tangle of hair, built-up grease, a small object that fell in. But when clogged drains start appearing around the house at the same time, you may have problems down in the sewer line or with the drain vents. Call our plumbers as soon as you can and with our same-day service we’ll be out to see what work needs to be done.

Sewer Cleaning

The sewer line is a part of your plumbing you’d rather not think about. Most of the time you don’t need to think about it, except to remember not to flush objects like moist towelettes down the toilet or pour fats, oils, and grease down the kitchen drain. But if the sewer line becomes clogged, it will become a major problem for your house. Blocked drains, gurgling drains, and bad odors from the plumbing are early warnings for you to schedule sewer drain cleaning with our team.

We can see this job is done fast and clean with our hydro-jetting technology. These tools let us perform drain cleaning with the power of high-pressure water. We can snake the entire length of the line for complete sewer cleaning. You can trust Air Comfort Solutions for your plumbing in Tulsa, OK.

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