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Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing in Tulsa, OK

The bathroom uses more water than any other room in the house, and it also has the highest concentration of plumbing fixtures and pipes. You could say the room exists just so professional plumbers will always have work to do. Our licensed plumbers at Air Comfort Solutions have the experience, training, and advanced tools for whatever work you need: bathroom plumbing maintenance, installation of new toilets and showers, etc.

What’s the room with the second most plumbing and water use? The kitchen. We are just as handy with kitchen plumbing services as with bathroom plumbing: sink repair, new garbage disposal units, kitchen plumbing maintenance, we do it all. We promise same day service to Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area.

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Bathroom Plumbing Services

If you are interested in a new bathroom plumbing installation, speak to us and we’ll get everything started. We install bathtubs, showers, toilets (such as low-flow models), new sink piping, a range of faucet models, and any other necessity for the bathroom. We can take care of both replacement units and putting in installations for a new bathroom.

We know you may be tempted to try to install some fixtures yourself, such as a sink or faucet, but please don’t! Mistakes in bathroom plumbing can have some terrible repercussions. We’ll see all work is done right.

Bathroom Plumbing Repair

When anything goes wrong with your bathroom plumbing, whether you’ve got clogged sinks or overflowing toilets, we can get out there fast. No matter if it’s toilet repair or fixing the sealing around bathtubs, you can count on our team. We are dedicated to providing you with same-day service, and we back up all our work with a satisfaction guarantee. You can trust that we’ll do the work fast and leave you with a completely clean space afterwards. We keep customer service hassle-free.

Kitchen Plumbing Installation

When you look at your kitchen, you can probably tell that trying to handle any type of kitchen plumbing replacement is beyond the scope of what you’re capable of—no matter what tools you’ve purchased. And you’re right: you want licensed plumbers like ours to take care of all kitchen plumbing installation work. We install kitchen sinks, garbage disposal units, sink faucets, drainpipes, fresh water lines, and more. We are committed to making the process as easy as possible for you—we want you to start enjoying your new fixtures right away!

Kitchen Plumbing Repair in Tulsa, OK

Got a cracked old sink bowl in the kitchen that needs expert sink repair? (Or even a replacement?) Broken garbage disposal unit that won’t grind? Leaking pipes under the sink or anywhere else? We’ll get to you the same day you call for service and have your kitchen plumbing repair completed. We also handle regular kitchen plumbing maintenance to help prevent clogs and future troubles.

From kitchen sinks to bathroom tubs, from simple kitchen repairs to full bathroom plumbing maintenance, the plumbers at Air Comfort Solutions are dedicated to seeing you receive the work you deserve in Tulsa, OK.

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