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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Tulsa, OK

We offer the best products for more comfortable living in Tulsa, OK homes. We’re about more than controlling the temperature inside a house: we know how to better ventilate homes to improve their air quality without causing a steep rise in heating and energy costs. Two types of installations we use to do this are the heat recovery ventilator (HRV system) and the energy recovery ventilator (ERV system).

Air Comfort Solutions offers complete service to install, repair, and maintain HRV and ERV systems. You only need to call our certified service technicians to find out more. We have a trained staff and we’re committed to hassle-free customer service.

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HRV and ERV installation

What do heat and energy recovery ventilators do for a house? They are ventilation devices that exchange fresh air from outside for stale air inside, but with this important bonus: the ERV/HRV system uses the indoor air to heat or cool the incoming outdoor air. This prevents losing the energy already used to heat or cool the air.

So rather than opening up the doors and windows in your house for fresh air—and also letting in the temperature extremes from outside—an energy or heat recovery ventilator brings you fresh air at the temperature you already want in the house. It works in either hot or cold weather.

HRV and ERV Repair

There are many benefits to HRV/ERV installation. They help to keep indoor air fresh and they prevent spikes in heating and energy bills. An ERV can also help with balancing humidity (this is how it differs from an HRV). But these complex systems may need assistance from a repair expert at times to help them continue to perform their useful function. When you notice your energy or heat recovery ventilator not doing the job it should, call us for same-day HRV and ERV repair.

HRV and ERV Replacement

We are always glad to help our customers upgrade their equipment to the newest developments when they are ready to retire their current systems. This applies to ERVs and HRVs, which can last for many years but will eventually wear down like any component of a home’s HVAC system. Our highly trained service technicians can first determine if the system can be repaired or not. If the HRV/ERV is past the point of cost-effective repair, they’ll do the work to put in the best new system.

HRV/ERV Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

We have built up trust with our many customers during the years we have served Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area. People know we are always honest, and we put in hard work to satisfy our customers. A part of our commitment to customers is providing maintenance services that keep their HVAC equipment in peak shape with few repairs. Handling HRV/ERV maintenance is one part of the maintenance service we provide for homes. Call our offices to find out more about our maintenance program and the ways we can help you get the most from your comfort systems.

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