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Indoor Air Quality Services in Tulsa, OK

We want you to have the most comfortable life in your home as possible. For us, that means more than taking care of controlling the heating and cooling indoors. It means also helping with ventilation and indoor air quality. The air quality for numerous homes in Tulsa, OK is lower than it should be—in fact, it might be two to five times worse than the air outdoors. That might sound backwards, but according to EPA studies, it’s the truth.

Air Comfort Solutions is ready to help you beat IAQ problems in your home. Speak to our certified technicians today to arrange for air duct quality services, air filter and air purifier installation, and other types of IAQ help for your home. We promise same-day service.

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Indoor Air Quality System Installation

We offer different types of indoor air quality devices and services to help your house enjoy the best in IAQ. Below are only a few of the services and solutions we provide:

Choosing the type of IAQ device to install for your house is something you can trust to us. We’ll see you have the right strength of filters, the correct type of air purifier, or whatever indoor air quality installation will provide the healthiest air for your house.

Indoor Air Quality System Replacement

A good set of air filters and air purifiers can last for many years provided they have routine maintenance (such as changing out filters and replacing bulbs in UV air purifiers). Eventually, you’ll want to have them replaced, either because they no longer do the best job or because you wish to upgrade to the newest in IAQ technology. We can help you with the replacements, no matter the reason. We’ll assess your home’s changing indoor air quality needs and outfit it with the best equipment.

Indoor Air Quality System Repair

You don’t always have to replace a malfunctioning IAQ device—many can be repaired, and we have same-day service to help out. Don’t allow your home’s air quality to decline because of a purifier that isn’t doing its job.

One of the most important repairs we do to boost indoor air quality is to improve air duct quality. We test and seal damaged ductwork and also replace broken ductwork sections. When you have doubts about your home’s ventilation, call us for air duct quality testing.

Indoor Air Quality System Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

Your IAQ devices are a part of your overall HVAC system, and like the rest of the HVAC system, they need to have routine maintenance or else they’ll fail years too early. When it comes to HVAC maintenance, Air Comfort Solutions has the team of NATE-certified and highly trained professionals for the job. You can enroll in regular maintenance, and our technicians will see that all parts of your HVAC system are in the best shape. Call us today for more information about our indoor air quality system maintenance services in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area.

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