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Heating Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

To make it through a cold winter in Tulsa, OK, you need a heater that is more than just powerful. You need a heater that is also reliable. Nobody wants to spend their winter nights in fear that their heater will abruptly stop working on them. Keeping heaters dependable is a big part of what regular heating maintenance from professionals does. And there are many other benefits to keeping current with annual heating inspections and tune-ups: savings on energy bills, longer system life, and far fewer repairs.

At Air Comfort Solutions, we make it straightforward to have regular maintenance for your furnace, heat pump, or ductless system. Our Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) provides regular heating tune-ups that are guaranteed to last all season. Our NATE-certified technicians will not only keep your heater reliable and efficient, they’ll make it safe as well.

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Furnace Maintenance

No matter what type of furnace you have warming your home, it needs an annual check and tune-up from professionals. You may think an electric furnace doesn’t require that much attention, but it does: wear and corrosion on wiring can lead to a malfunctioning electric furnace and burnt-out heating elements.

For natural gas furnaces, furnace maintenance is essential to ensure they operate safely. Gas furnaces are not inherently "dangerous" for homes (otherwise they would not be allowed in homes!), but the way to keep them operating safely is to have professionals inspect them each year to see that they’re in the best shape for the coming winter.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps have a slightly different maintenance schedule than other types of heating systems. This is because heat pumps do twice the annual work of a heater, running as a cooling system during the summer. To have a heat pump maintained properly, it must receive two visits a year from technicians: once in spring to ready it for summer, and once in fall to ready it for winter. Our Energy Savings Agreement covers both spring and fall maintenance for your HVAC system, so your heat pump is taken care of for the year.

Ductless Heating Maintenance

Your ductless mini split system is a heat pump and it requires the same amount of care as a heat pump. Our technicians will inspect the outdoor unit and each of the wall-mounted indoor units, checking their amperage and looking for any refrigerant leaks or condensate leaks. We’ll also inspect the refrigerant lines between the outdoor unit leading to all the wall units. You’ll enjoy the best performance from your ductless mini split system thanks to our diligence.

The Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) for Tulsa, OK

The Energy Savings Agreement at Air Comfort Solutions is designed to give you all the benefits of regular heating maintenance—energy savings, fewer repairs, longer equipment life, peace of mind—in a convenient package. When you sign up for this program for your Tulsa, OK home, you’ll receive regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system along with member benefits such as same-day service with no blackout dates and 24/7 emergency service.

We’re committed to your comfort and providing hassle-free customer service from the best-trained technicians in the area. Call us today to sign up for heating maintenance.

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