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Electrical Services in Tulsa, OK

When you run into problems with your home’s electrical system, whether a failed light fixture or a need for extensive house rewiring, only trust a licensed electrician to handle the work, preferably a Master Electrician. This is not the time for a DIY project, nor is this a space for amateurs who make big promises at cheap rates. Electrical services must come from a licensed electrical contractor—no exceptions.

You can trust the Master Electrician and the other licensed electricians on staff at Air Comfort Solutions for all the electrical services for your house. We are proud to provide Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area with work from a responsive and fast team. We offer same-day service and back up our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians lead the way in training and hassle-free customer service.

Make the Winning Call! Reach out to the team that’s Oklahoma Strong for electrical services.

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Electrical Installation

You may need to make important electrical upgrades to your house, such as new GFCI and AFCI outlets or expanded wiring for new fixtures. We can handle all these electrical installation jobs. We also install special outlets, such as dryer outlets. A large appliance like a dryer requires a powerful 250V outlet, and dryer outlet installation is a job only a professional electrical contractor can handle. No matter if you need a dryer outlet installation or any other vital electrical installation, we will see the job is done fast, accurately, and safely.

Electrical Replacement

Old wiring in homes is a problem people often leave aside for years—until they start running into power issues or even electrical hazards. A licensed electrician from our staff can see what you need for rewiring in your house, as well as other electrical replacements, that will bring your home up to current standards. We can replace the electrical panels, take out old two-prong outlets and ground the house with three-prong receptacles. We’ll also replace fixtures, light switches, and more.

Electrical Repair

Never reach for your own tools when you have electrical worries in your house. Amateur tinkering with electrical devices poses a major risk of a high voltage shock, and a botched amateur repair can create a house that’s not up to code and in serious danger of electrical fires.

As a professional electrical contractor, we’ve often had to fix the mistakes of amateur electricians. We know how wrong a poor repair can go, and we know exactly how to do the correct repair. Please make the right call when you have electrical repair needs and reach out to our professionals for same-day service.

Commercial Electrical Services

When you need to schedule commercial electrical services for your business, your best option is to have this done by a commercial electrician. Only a trained and licensed professional like the ones on our team will be able to safely and effectively perform the services you need. This can include everything from commercial electrical installation to commercial electrical repairs and more. 

Our services will ensure that your commercial space operates safely and effectively so you can get the work done that you need to take care of.

Electrical Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

Occasional maintenance for your electrical system is a smart idea, since it lets an electrician catch any potential problems before they become problems. Arrange with us for an electrical inspection of your home and we’ll pinpoint places where you may require upgrades, replacements, or repairs.

Air Comfort Solutions has all your electrical services covered. We’ve built up a reputation for trustworthiness among the Tulsa, OK community. People know we’re always honest and straightforward. Best of all, we do jobs right—guaranteed.

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