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Why Slab Leaks Are a Serious Issue


Leaks are never something to ignore or brush off. The longer they go unaddressed, the worse they will get. And the worse a leak is the more damage it has the potential to do to your home. This is especially true of slab leaks.

Are slab leaks inherently a worse type of leak in your plumbing? No, they aren’t. But because of where they are they have the potential to do a lot more damage to your home. That is why we want to make sure you are prepared. Check out these details on what slab leaks are and how to identify them so you know when to contact us for slab leak repair in Tulsa.

What exactly is a slab leak?

Slab leaks are leaks that occur in a unique place that allows them to cause a lot of trouble if they aren’t found in time. Where is this place? Under the slab of concrete that your house sits on, known as the foundation.

Why are slab leaks so bad?

Like we said, slab leaks are particularly problematic because of where they are. These can be small pinhole leaks, no worse than the ones in your wall, but due to the fact they are under your home’s foundation, they have the potential to cause a lot more trouble.

For one thing, slab leaks are harder to detect because, again, they are under your home. For another thing, slab leaks can lead to issues with your home’s foundation. If a slab leak starts to create problems with the foundation of your home, the repair costs will be far more expensive than they might otherwise. Slab leaks also have the potential to lead to the growth of mold which can be a health hazard.

How do you figure out if you have a slab leak?

It is easy to see that slab leaks can be a serious problem for any homeowner to have to face. It makes sense that you’d want to catch this leak early on to avoid major damage down the road. Here are some of the warning signs to watch out for:

  • You notice reduced water pressure in one or more parts of your home.
  • You feel warm spots under the floor in your home.
  • You notice your water meter is running without reason throughout the day.
  • There is moisture or mildew collecting under your carpet.
  • You can see water collecting around the base of your home.

The best way to determine if you have a slab leak, however, is to reach out to us for slab leak detection services. Our plumbing pros will be able to pinpoint if you have a leak and where it is so they can provide effective repairs in a timely manner.

Our team provides service seven days a week. When you come to us you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. We even provide 24/7 emergency services to residents throughout the Tulsa area. Our goal is to help keep your home running properly.

Schedule your plumbing services with Air Comfort Solutions today. Make the winning call to our team in Tulsa.

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