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Is Something Wrong With My Heater? 4 Signs That Say “Yes!”


As we head full-speed into the holidays, the last thing you probably want to be dealing with is an uncomfortably cold home. If you have a heater that needs to be repaired though, you really may need to pause and pick up the phone before the issue worsens. The only thing worse than a heater that isn’t working right is a heater that has completely given up the ghost…at the worst possible time!

The best way to avoid a chilly holiday season is by giving your heater the gift of timely repairs. All you have to do is reach out to the team at Air Comfort Solutions to schedule an appointment and our elves, er, technicians will take care of things from there!

First things first, let’s take a quick look at some of the indicators you should know that tell you when you should schedule heating system repairs in Tulsa.

4 Signs You Need to Schedule Heater Repair Services

If you’ve already had maintenance done on your heater a while back, you might not think you would need repairs. However, maintenance doesn’t prevent every heating system issue. Here are some signs that your system needs some extra care this season:

  1. Your system is making new noises: Heaters make a little bit of noise when they operate such as the sound of them turning on and the whoosh of air they create. If your system is making other noises like rattling, screeching, or booming though, these aren’t sounds to brush off, they are actually signs of trouble.
  2. Airflow into your home is weaker than usual: The flow of warm air into your home should be strong and dependable. If it is taking longer and longer to heat things up because the airflow from your vents just isn’t what it used to be though, you have a problem on your hands. Maybe it is bad ductwork or a broken fan blade–whatever the cause, we can help.
  3. Responses are delayed or nonexistent: When you adjust the temperature on your thermostat or even just turn your heater on, the response from the system should be almost immediate. Have you noticed that there is a lengthening delay between when you try to activate your system and when it actually responds? Is it not responding at all? Unless there is no difference between the temperature indoors and the one on your thermostat, this indicates an issue.
  4. Your energy bills are getting extreme: Energy bills will fluctuate a bit each month based on your use of your heater. This doesn’t mean big spikes in the total due is normal though. If your last energy bill was a huge and unjustified leap above what you usually receive, it is likely that your heater is struggling with a repair need.

Scheduling heater repairs during this time of year can feel like a hassle and an expense you may not want to deal with. However, the consequences of delaying or putting off that repair can be even worse. Don’t hesitate to get your heater back into fighting form with our help!

Make the winning call. Schedule an appointment with Air Comfort Solutions today.

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