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5 Ways To Help Keep Your Home Warmer

A rainy day can be a great excuse to curl up with a book, a blanket, and a mug of something warm. Beyond these moments of coziness, however, you will want to make sure that your home is at least comfortably warm throughout the days and weeks to come. So if you are hiding from the chill under all those blankets, it may mean you need to take a moment to ensure that everything is set up properly to keep your indoor environment warm.

Our goal is to make sure that you are able to enjoy an optimal home environment, no matter what time of the year it is. That is why we want to provide some helpful tips that will keep you warm this season and beyond.

5 Ways To Keep Things Warmer Indoors

Every bit counts when you are trying to keep things on the cozy side in your home. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you stay warmer in the coming months.

  1. Get a tune-up for your heating system. There is a reason that we are starting here. You have a heating system because you want it to help you keep warm when temperatures outside drop. Getting a tune-up for this system each year is going to be one of the best ways to keep your heating running optimally and efficiently. You can always reach out to us for heating system maintenance in Tulsa.
  2. Change your air filter. This is one of the easiest ways to help your heater run well. A clean air filter keeps dust and debris out of your heater while keeping the airflow strong and steady. Changing out your air filter every one to three months is a quick, cheap, and easy way to keep things warmer without any hassle.
  3. Use the sun’s warmth to help out. We advise people draw their shades during summer for a reason–sunlight carries a lot of warmth in it! That is why we say throw the shades open and let the light in on a cold day. The sunlight can warm things up indoors and keep you more comfortable while making the job your heater has to do that much easier.
  4. Keeps vents and air handlers clean and clear. Make sure that nothing is covering or blocking the vents or air handlers in your home. This can cause more trouble than you might believe. Even a stray fiddle leaf fig in front of a vent can hinder the flow of warm air into a room enough to reduce your comfort while simultaneously stressing out your heater. Make sure nothing is in front of your vents or air handlers and wipe them clear of dust or debris for good measure.
  5. Plug those air leaks. Do you have a window that is perpetually left open? Or perhaps you have a doorway that isn’t well sealed. These are sources for a lot of heat loss as temperatures drop. Make sure to check for air leaks around doors and windows and address them with caulk or weatherstripping. Oh, and of course, close that perpetually open window!

Need heating system help? We provide maintenance, repairs, and more.

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