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Tips to Help Your Drains This Holiday Season

We are heading into the busiest holiday season at this point. There are plenty of things to consider and prepare for this time of the year. With everything you have to do, make sure to remember to take care of your home’s drains as well.

There are some tips we’d like to give you that will not only help your drains have an easier season but also help you avoid time lost battling with drain problems too. Our goal is to help keep your home comfortable and running right throughout the year.

Tip #1. Add drain screens

The best way to avoid having issues with your drain is to keep troublesome debris out of it by stopping it with a drain screen. Easy to add and remove, the drain screen can capture hair, food bits, and other debris out of the drain that would otherwise cause clogs.

Tips #2. Make sure to keep problem-causers out of the drain

Another great way to prevent trouble in your drain pipes is to know what not to try to wash down the drain too. There are plenty of things that you might think you can wash down the kitchen sink that really don’t belong there. These include:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Rice
  • Bones
  • Fibrous fruit and veggie peels
  • Fats, oils, and grease

Make sure to throw these items in the trash to keep them out of the drain. These food items can easily collect to create a clog that slows the drainage from your kitchen sink. They can also mess with your garbage disposal.

If you are worried about friends or family trying to wash these items down the drain, post a list next to the sink to make it easier to figure out what shouldn’t go down the drain.

Tip #3. Get your drains cleaned to prevent clogs

If you are already having trouble with slow drains in your home, we’d advise leaving the chemical drain cleaners out of the equation. Instead, make sure to schedule drain cleaning in Tulsa to get rid of any built-up debris in the sink that is slowing things down. This will also prevent those clogs from escalating and completely stopping a vital drain at the worst possible moment.

Our professional drain cleaning services will remove the build-up within your drains first and foremost. Along with this, our plumbers will leave your drains clean and clear which will improve their well-being and lengthen their lifespan.

Why Air Comfort Solutions?

So why come to Air Comfort Solutions for your plumbing services in the Tulsa area? We provide services 7 days a week and our team is focused on providing the best quality of service to our customers possible. Every member of our team is highly-trained and looks to provide plumbing services that are hassle-free along with being effective.

With us, you get clear, up-front pricing for every job we do. What’s more, we will always provide all the details for the work we are doing so you know exactly what is going on.

Schedule drain cleaning with Air Comfort Solutions today. Make the winning call now.

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