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How to Avoid Frequent Drain Clogs

A clogged drain can create a number of problems. For instance, it can lead to slow water drainage, corrosion, and flooding. If you are not careful, it can go on to inflict some serious damage to your home’s plumbing system. In some extreme cases, you may also have to deal with sewage backup leading to costly repairs. Of course, a clogged drain is also just a nuisance even on a good day.

Fortunately, there are several ways that can help you avoid frequent drain clogs. We will highlight some of the key ways that you can reduce the chances of your drain getting clogged with methods such as scheduling a professional drain cleaning in Tulsa

Avoid Pouring F.O.G Down the Drain 

You might make a habit of pouring fats, oil, and grease, otherwise known as F.O.G., down the kitchen sink while washing the dishes. These residues, found in cooking oil, food scraps, salad dressings, butter, sauces, and other food items, can quickly build up and line your drain pipes, eventually leading to a clog. To avoid this, we recommend waiting for any grease residue to solidify and disposing of it in the garbage can. In some cases, you can always pour the grease (such as bacon grease) into a container to save for later use.  

Keep Any Coffee Grounds Out 

You also want to make sure any used coffee grounds don’t end up in the kitchen sink. These are often responsible for drain clogs, as they can stick to the buildup of grease and other materials that you may pour down the drain.

Ground coffee beans also don’t break down over time. Instead, they will accumulate slowly and become a part of the drain sludge. It’s alright if you end up pouring a few leftover grounds down the drain once in a while. Just don’t make a habit of it and you’ll be fine.   

Fun fact, you can toss those grounds into your compost or worm bin too!

Don’t Wash Eggshells Down the Drain 

Eggshells are often responsible for drain clogs. They are not fit for drain disposal and can create a number of problems for you. When you wash eggshells down the drain, they can end up collecting in your plumbing and lead to a clog. Shells are better off thrown in the trash or added to that compost bin.  

Schedule Regular Drain Cleaning 

If you want to avoid dealing with a clogged drain, then we also recommend arranging a drain cleaning once in a while. This can help prevent any potential problems in your drain and make sure it functions properly. Being proactive on this front can save you hundreds of dollars in repairing damaged pipes. 

If you are looking for a reliable professional to carry out a drain inspection, Air Comfort Solutions can help you out. We specialize in drain cleaning and can pinpoint any potential blockages in your pipes to avoid any problems in the future.

Make the winning call today and schedule an appointment for drain cleaning. Call Air Comfort Solutions for drain cleaning and repair in Tulsa and beyond.

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