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Need a New Thermostat? Here’s How to Tell.


You can’t use your air conditioner without a thermostat. It would be somewhat akin to trying to use your car without a steering wheel–simply not possible. But if you have a usable HVAC system then you have a usable thermostat. Or you should have a usable one at least.

If you fall into the category of someone who has begun to question the usability and reliability of their thermostat you may find comfort in the fact you aren’t alone. Needing a thermostat upgrade in Tulsa is a common occurrence. Here’s how to tell the time has come to change your thermostat.

1. Your thermostat is older than your AC and your heater

If you have had to replace your air conditioner or heater anytime within the past several years you should have also replaced your thermostat. You don’t want to pair an old thermostat with a new heater or air conditioner. If you have replaced one of these systems but have not upgraded your thermostat we suggest doing so as soon as you can.

2. The temperature is always wrong.

How well are you able to control the temperature in your house? When you set the temperature on the thermostat to 70°, is your system actually able to provide this temperature? Or does it just say that the temperature has reached the desired range even though you can tell it is wrong? Your thermostat should provide legitimate temperature control so a system that can’t provide this is one that needs to be replaced.

3. Your thermostat has a delayed response–or no response at all.

Turning on your thermostat should be met with a prompt response from this system. Perhaps your thermostat has started to struggle with a delayed response, taking 10 seconds or more to jump into action. Or perhaps you try to turn on the thermostat and you have no response at all. In both of these situations, you need to reach out for an upgrade promptly.

4. Your thermostat changes the temperature setting.

Let’s say that you said your home temperature to 72° to keep things comfortable for the day. You hear your air conditioning system turn on and you think you’re good to go. However, after 20 minutes, the system is still running and things are getting to be a little uncomfortable. You go to check the thermostat and discover that it has reset the temperature to 65°! This isn’t okay and it means that your thermostat needs to be replaced.

Air Comfort Solutions Can Pair You With a Great New Thermostat

A bad thermostat can end up ruining your comfort level and can end up costing you money as well. An upgrade is a very affordable way to ensure you have better control over your home comfort.

Our team can help with your next thermoset upgrade. We can assist with the process of choosing the best system for your home needs, such as a smart thermostat or a Wi-Fi thermostat, and getting your new thermostat installed quickly and properly.

Need help with your home comfort? Make the winning call and contact Air Comfort Solutions today.

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