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5 Sounds No Air Conditioner Should Make

Clang clang clang goes the… air conditioner?


It doesn’t sound right, does it? The truth is if you have an air conditioner that is malfunctioning this may be exactly what you’re dealing with. Loud obnoxious noises are something that can be brushed off as a quirk that comes with your cooling system but in actuality are a sign that something is wrong.

Don’t ignore those noises. Instead take stock of them and reach out to a professional to see what might be going on. The truth is that one or more of these noises coming from your air conditioner is an indicator that you need to schedule an appointment for an AC repair in Tulsa, OK.

Should My AC Make Any Noise?

Firstly, we want to start by saying that your AC is going to make some noise when it is operating, so don’t panic when it does. When you turn on your system it is likely to emit a faint clicking noise for a moment and may even sound like an engine warming up for a few seconds. In most cases though the one noise you will (and should) hear from your system is the steady whoosh of air throughout your home.

It is the sounds that start up suddenly, are increasingly loud, and are uncommon from your AC that you should be concerned about.

5 Noises Your AC Isn’t Supposed to Make

So what noises might your air conditioner make when it is having a problem? We have five sounds that your system isn’t supposed to make:

  1. Rattling: Rattling is an indicator that something in your system is starting to come loose or is off-kilter. If you hear rattling you will want to address the sound before it escalates.
  2. Clanging: See, didn’t we say that hearing clanging from your air conditioner wasn’t normal? This is the sound that you will hear if you don’t get the rattling noise in your air conditioner taking care of. That loose or off-kilter part breaks loose and is bouncing around within your system and causing even more damage.
  3. Hissing or bubbling: These noises have to do with your refrigerant. If your air conditioner springs a leak in its refrigerant line it will allow the refrigerant to get out and air to get in. If you hear hissing, it may be the sound of gaseous refrigerant escaping your system while bubbling may be an indicator of air being introduced within the refrigerant line. If you hear either of these noises, you need to schedule repairs as quickly as possible before your system breaks down.
  4. Screeching: Does it sound like your air conditioner is screaming at you? It isn’t haunted, don’t worry. Okay, maybe worry a little because this is a sign that there may be an off-kilter or loose fan blade scraping around within its housing or an even bigger issue to deal with. Your best option is to turn your air conditioner off and call for repairs.
  5. Buzzing: Last but not least, make sure to call for professional help for your air conditioner if you hear buzzing. Buzzing may not seem like a serious sound but it can be an indicator of electrical trouble within your cooling system. Whether it is a frayed wire or something else you need a professional technician to resolve the issue.

Make the winning call to calm the ruckus in your house. Contact Air Comfort Solutions to schedule your repairs ASAP. With our NATE-certified technicians, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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